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About This Site

About this Site:

                Addlepated was created out of catharsis. The Author (see the author here)has been trading markets for a long time. With age it becomes difficult to adjust to changing markets. With the rise of high frequency trading and large fund manipulation of markets, the high stress challenges of markets have led to the author nearing burn out. As such, Addlepated was designed to allow the author to share his ideas with the world.

                As we age, we look to see what legacies we leave behind. The Author doesn’t have children, he has ideas. This is his legacy to the word, and the world through the joys of the internet should be able to access his ideas, at least as long as this website stays funded. This allows brilliant ideas to spread, and have the banner taken up by future generations.

                Alas, not all of the ideas are sound, thus the website is Addlepated. With every shared thought, you may find some inspiration or even brilliance. Hopefully you will find more than just an easy laugh.

                The trading ideas are here because the author is a day trader. Some of these trade ideas are horrible and some ideas are excellent. The reader is encouraged to make their own decisions. If you take these trade ideas, you are encouraged to exit the bad ones and ride the good ones. Don't be afraid to hedge, spread or use stop-loss orders to minimize risk. Timing can be as important as direction, so these trades may not be right for you.

                Readers are encouraged to make their own decisions on ALL the ideas contained on Addlepated. You should ask, “Why?” If you do not find a valid answer, either seek further study or utilize your own intelligence to disprove said idea. When it comes to trading, being able to rationalize your investments (bets) is very important. Be aware that a person that has “skin in the game” will often talk up their book. Take other people's advice with hesitation and try to understand what that person’s (company’s) perspective may entail.

                The advice here is given freely. It may not be correct all of the time, but hopefully it is correct enough of the time to make some money.

The site is slowly being built and updated. It is run by one man, and he has limited time.

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I have debated adding comments and decided I don't care about random anonymous internet troll's opinions. However, having to scroll comments to edit junk, spam-bots and inappropriate ramblings seems like a waste of time. I cannot guarantee that I will even respond to emails sent through this website. Truth is, I make no guarantees or promises… ever.


As for the tech of the site:

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