Trader Note

General: 2x 1:3 10% +/-1

Scale in 2 times. Exit at 1 increment loss or 3 (2 or 2.5) increment gain. Try to make 10% of risk capital and stop. Change size +1 contract lot on a win, -1 lot on a loss.

About the Author

About the Author: J. Henry Ledyard



                J. Henry Ledyard holds degrees in Physics, Electrical Engineering and Visual Arts. He has traded markets since the 1990s. As his trading improved, he became a full time trader focusing primarily on futures, stocks and options. Every trader must find their markets, and style and for Henry, this is short to medium term trades of semi-liquid markets.

                Henry’s style is to take a broad view of markets and world scope analysis and apply it to sorter term market trends. In the current market environment, long term assumptions can be financially disastrous. He will often trade outright, minimizing risk by trading short term. He hedges risk by spreading only in the short term and when a very good opportunity presents itself. Henry’s trading style is not for everyone, and his advice is as the website says: Addlepated.

                When investing, 10% a year is a good investment. If you are making more than 10% you are beating the broader markets. But for day trading, you are trying to make at least 5% per day on a leveraged position. The secret is to limit risk.

                 When the Author day trades, he is attempting to make 3% a day… and 10% when he gets greedy. It is high stress and challenging, especially when the market moves against him. Day trading involves taking high risks for high rewards with the broader understanding that he may go broke. Most traders have lost everything, at least once. That is why it is important to hedge risk, and put some of your winnings aside for a rainy day.

                Trading is a time consuming activity, often soul consuming, and does not afford much time for other pursuits. Henry has a passion for racing, science and philosophy. He has worked as an electrician, pyrotechnician and auto mechanic. If he trades poorly, he will again be seeking 'normal' employment. Hopefully, as time allows, this website will blossom with insights and information which may be of use to someone.


                If you find these insights useful and extraordinary, and would like to offer Henry a job, please email him directly:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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