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Don't get cocky.

Burn The System Down

Are you frustrated with your life? Are your struggling to pay rent? Do you have a mountain of student debt? Do you have nothing in savings? Do you have a shitty job that makes you want to kill yourself? Do you get up every morning and hate your life? Have you had enough of a world that the media told you to want?

If you just want to chuck it all, then do it.

Don't kill yourself…. Burn the system down!




The System Is Rigged Against You

The Reserve Banks have been printing money to save the stock market and banks. This has destroyed many peoples retirement accounts because those accounts are heavily invested in bonds. Bonds are now into negative yields and share markets have stagnated. Meanwhile, your savings account is worth less everyday as the dollar, and most currencies, are devalued. So these private companies (not governments) have devalued all of your assets while making things like food more expensive.

Banks have also been screwing most people over. Many of the banks have the opportunity to print money in the form of loans. These loans are just computer 1 and 0s, without anything tangible needed. So bankers have been writing credit debt to people, sometimes without their knowledge (like Wells Fargo did this week). These bankers make their money out of lending and when home loans are around 4% while Fed dollars are at 0%, they should be able to make plenty of cash. However, they would prefer to lend out money at 20% in credit card debt to people and are willing to break the law to do so.

None of these bankers will ever go to jail. None of these banks will ever be prosecuted because they are deemed Too-Big-To-Fail. TBTF means that they will pay a small fine and go back to business (crime) as usual. This was the case when HSBC was laundering terrorist and drug cartel money. This was the case when Wells Fargo fraudulently wrote credit cards. This was the case when Joe Corzine, as chair of Man Financial, stole customer funds 10 years ago.

Joe Corzine ( was CEO of Goldman Sachs, Governor of New Jersey, and United States Senator before he blatantly stole customer funds. Joe won't go to jail, because he has powerful friends even though EVERYONE knows he engaged in a massive criminal fraud. Joe bought Greek debt with customer funds just before the Greeks cut their debt in half in restructuring. He lost all of Man Financial's money and some of the customer's money. The customers' money was meant to be in a segregated account, but when has that mattered to greedy bankers? Joe hasn't gone to jail and probably never will.

Your retirement fund, and personal accounts, will be used to bail out bankers' bad bets. Current legislation lists bank account holders as "creditors" to the banks which means that your funds will be taken to pay off the banks' bad trades. There are many trillions in derivatives waiting to melt down, and the FDIC doesn't have the funds to cover that ( The derivatives insurance that is meant to cover these kinds of failures won't have enough money, and insurance companies will be bankrupt. These bankers have designed this system to fail because it is NOT THEIR MONEY. They have no skin in the game.

How to Chuck It All In Profit

Have a chat to a bankruptcy lawyer. They will tell you what assets you can hold and what you will lose in a bankruptcy. Student loans cannot be washed away, so if you pay those off before you wipe away your credit then you won't be dogged by them in the future. After you find out what you can keep, you want to start draining your accounts. Do it slowly so that nobody (government, tax department, creditors) will notice.

You'll need a job. It doesn't matter how shitty that job is. You can lie on your resume to get that job, because most companies never check. It doesn't matter. All you need it a couple of paycheck stubs to get loans. You want these stubs to be real, because it may come up in court later so don't print your own. Having a shitty job sucks, but screwing the system requires work.

Once you have a couple of paychecks, apply for credit cards. Banks are giving away credit. Airlines are giving it away, too. Make sure you have frequent flyer programs on your credit cards so you can get free airline miles.

With these credit cards, buy gold and Bitcoin. Max them out and get the frequent flyer miles. While you are putting together a nice bankruptcy, get as much credit out of these cards as you can. Pay off some of the debt (minimum) and then up your credit limit. Many companies will give you upwards of $20,000.

Stash these assets. Take the gold and burry it in a friend's yard. Sell some of it in cash and stash it in at a friend's house (or burry it in the woods if you have no friends). Buy bit coin from guys on the street. Put the coins on a hidden wallet. If you sell the gold, hang onto the recite so that you can prove to the court that you don't have the asset. Use the exact sale amounts to pay off the credit interest before spending more money on the card. This paper trail is what will keep you from going to jail for fraud. Of course, you could also claim a drug habit to the court and maybe even get a hospital holiday in rehab for a few weeks.

Apply for a car loan. I would suggest getting an RV so you can travel to surf beaches. Or you could get a van and put a bed in the back ( If you like boats, get a nice auto loan on a fancy sports car that you can trade for a sailboat lifestyle. Once you have the vehicle, sell it on paper to someone else. You will probably have to cut out the GPS tracker to avoid the repo man, but once the paperwork has been transferred to someone else, the company has no legal footing to take that vehicle. All they can do is come after you for the cash, which will be whipped away after bankruptcy. Make sure that these vehicles are in someone else's name. If you just want distance, then outright sell them.

Sell out of any retirement funds and 401k accounts that you can. You don't want to hold these assets when the government and banks are looking to squeeze you for money.

Pay off as much of your student loans that you can. Then take out more debt.

Use the frequent flyer miles to buy a plane ticket for a time after the bankruptcy. Go around the world, if that is what you want. Travel to Australia (it is spring now) and do some fruit pricking between surf beaches.

Once you have all of your cards maxed out and your vehicle sold, lose that job. Get fired. Getting fired means you can get unemployment, which will prove to the government that you are broke. Get food stamps and eat for free, too. You will have to live on the cash you stashed, but as long as there is no paper trail, then you don't have to worry.

Your dodgy bankruptcy lawyer should have your paperwork set up already. Start the process of freedom from debt.

If you have a vehicle to live in, you can also stop paying rent. When you get thrown out, make sure you get some eviction paperwork to give to the lawyer. Being homeless will work in your favor in court.

While your court case is being processed, bum around in that RV or Van. With no fixed address, you can often list a homeless shelter as a place to get mail which shuts down the bill collectors. Shower at the gym, and cook on a portable stove. Don't forget to stay up late and party hard while you enjoy unemployment.

Once the court case it settled, take that flight. Dig up riches that you stashed before the bankruptcy to use in traveling. Cash is king in many places in the world. Remote surf beaches don't require internet access or cell phones. Jungle holidays can be paid for with scrapes of government paper, as our ancestors once did.

Go live life. Burn your credit score. Trash your accounts. Dump it all and go enjoy your life.

When you have traveled and lived enough, find a place to call home. Rebuild with a place to live and a job. It won't take long to rebuild your credit score. It won't take long to be able to get a home loan, car loan and credit cards. Bankers are desperate to get you into a loan, because it is not their money.


If that new life sucks, you can burn it down all over again.

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