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NWO - New World Order - Trades

Pop culture in the 1980s and 1990s warned us of a coming new world order. In this world, freedom of speech was gone; as we see the news agencies being made pariahs, we come one step closer to the loss of factual information. Once, there was a vision of jackboots in the streets governing behavior and stifling any protests. The new world order was going to limit the movement of people and curtail travel, which is quickly becoming a reality. There was a vision at that time of a future ruled by corporations and heavy handed government enforcement, and as the wealth migrates to the 1% we approach that future.

With a coming market collapse, what companies will be guaranteed to NOT go bankrupt?

The companies that follow are just as likely to lose share price as everyone else. They are unlikely to go bankrupt because governments of the world will ensure they are kept operating. They may be absorbed into even larger mega companies or nationalize "in the public interest," but at least their share price will not go to zero.

Control the Money:

Your first instinct may be to bet on banking and finance, but that is a challenging bet. As we saw from the Lehman Brothers collapse, players in the financial markets will be destroyed. Other houses will be bailed out, only to buy up their rivals and consolidate into mega companies. Companies like Goldman Sax have personnel migrating between every government position, so they are a good bet for survival. A near second, with a few more highly leveraged plays, would be JP Morgan. The banking industry runs the risk of bankruptcy as they have so many leveraged bet and mountains of derivatives that it is a certainty that one side will be unable to pay their losses. That means that the winners, even if they hedged well, will not get paid.

Hedge funds and retirement funds will be decimated without a bailout. Government doesn't care if a pension fund is unable to meet their obligations. Bailouts won't be granted to companies that followed sound investment strategy and lost money anyway. These companies, for many years now, have been investing as the textbooks of the 1940s to the 1960s have suggested. This means that they make losses in a world dominated by HFTs and markets that are artificially propped up by reserve bank currency devaluing. Don't expect any hedge funds, or your 401, to survive a collapse.

Social Engineering:

Facebook is the most likely candidate for bail out. Facebook is loved by governments because it lets users make their own "known associates" list. This means that it can be used to socially mine peoples' connections to allow for prosecution. People trying to overthrow a government still post and link to others in their social network. The general population is doing the job that once took the KGB, Mossad, CIA and NSA years of hard investigative work to uncover. That means that governments around the world will ensure the survival of Facebook.

Linked In is not going to be so lucky. Those looking to find willing accomplices don't have the same luck with Linked In as they might with Facebook. Nobody is going to drop their life and family to follow a whack job manager from their bartending job that they had 10 years ago. This is especially true after that manager's failed attempts to open a bar left him complaining about government oversight and regulation.

On Facebook, however, conspiracy rants are encouraged. Facebook software specifically fills a news feed with articles similar to those that a person has already clicked. As this has become many peoples' primary news source, they are inundated with information that constantly skews to polarize their beliefs. This has fractured society to those who are targeted with conservative narrative and those that are targeted with liberal fundamentalist narratives. Neither narrative contains the entire story, but Facebook doesn't fact check any of the new that it carries. It doesn't matter how outlandish the bullshit, it will still find traction on the news feeds of those that will be most outraged and thus comment. These comments are read by the algorithm and promote the newsfeed to fill your life with more of the key words and phrases that seem important to you. You are still just a hexadecimal number to the machine, but now the software can track your movements with location software and create maps of your connections through facial recognition. Governments love that!

Modern news seems to primarily come in the form of 140 character tweets. Twitter will likely be maintained by governments, if only to bulk mail people their most recent "witch hunting" lists. It is an effective tool to bulk mail people something users find important. However, what government thinks is important usually is not. There will likely be massive regulation of Twitter, if only to stifle dissonance. However, Twitter is a takeover target (11 Billion) by High Frequency Trading companies looking to have an edge on their competitors (in my estimation). HFTs are greedy, so they are likely waiting for a big dip in share price to buy it. They would then put into place their own time lag filter so that they can front run other HFTs trying to trade on tweeted information. That HFT may even sell on the option to stifle tweets that would air client corporations in a negative light, effectively gaging news and whistleblowers. All of that does not ensure that any share price will survive this consolidation.

Google is another company whose predictive modeling is useful to governments tracking humans. Every search on Google is logged with an IP address and location information. On a mobile network, those searches tagged by location can link to others in proximity. If you consolidate enough searches, it paints a picture especially when the search IPs are linked.

This is the same principle as the government monitoring library books only on a much larger and grand scale. In the 1980s, checking out of a library any books on nuclear processing, chemical warfare or bomb making used to get people on a watch list. Now, looking up a recipe for dynamite will certainly put you on a watch list. If you are really paranoid, The Fight Club books have a real recipe for nitroglycerine and you can buy that with cash at any book store… while book stores last.

Maintain Order:

For now, you can still buy gas masks on Ebay, but it is harder to find spare filters. You will want a few of those if you are still in the streets in the near future to protest your loss of freedoms. The modern police force is funded with military grade equipment, so your Molotov cocktail will do little to stop the progress of the police force tank. As discontent increases, so will the budgets and arsenals of the local enforcers. It is a good bet to bet on manufacturers of war. For now, police are not specifically trying to kill anyone… at least not publicly.

Jackboots are still using rubber and plastic bullets, tear gas and riot armor so these companies will win with juicy government contracts. It will be hard to pick a clear winner in the less lethal ammunition market place with so many local and international suppliers, so a basket of shares is recommended (there may come an ETF for that soon).

Riot gear can be purchased from suppliers, for now, so you may want to gear up in outfits that will allow you to pass checkpoints in the thick of the mayhem: ( As an investment, however, riot gear will quickly be replaced with battlefield Kevlar in jackboot black. As DuPont holds the patent for Kevlar, they are a great investment in that industry without having to focus on multiple suppliers.

Police love tear gas to disperse people. I remember when Orlando Police used it in the early 1990s to disperse a Grateful Dead show. It was only a crowd of stoned hippies that were not leaving a fast enough. I'm sure the police force felt threatened by so many tie-dye shirts and dreadlocks or maybe they were overwhelmed by patchouli. Considering that this is the only band (outside of Japan) that I've ever seen the crowd cleaning the stadium, it must have made total sense to a jackboot to gas a crowd of kids picking up trash.

Tear gas is still loved by military and police around the world because the people that they are trying to disperse are unlikely to have gas masks so it is a one-sided fight. Tear gas and CS gas are not reusable, so spending on these will likely soar in the near future. Tear gas has only a small list of suppliers with only 3 in the USA:

Carlyle Group, one of the major suppliers, has their fingers in many industries of war, and with good lobbyist, they will continue to provide the necessary hardware to governments to suppress their populations. This hardware will be paid for with taxes from those same people, so the gears of war will continue to churn and profits will be made.

Watch Lists

Writing this article, and my Google searches to do it, have likely landed me on a government watch list. I have tried to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I don't know if humor conveys well or merely comes off as conspiracy theorist ramblings. The truth of the matter is that the companies listed above are highly likely to survive a coming financial collapse. They may lose share price as everything in markets do so, but they will survive through any extremist government to come. So if you can moralize investing in our own civil liberties destruction to hedge your portfolio, then do so.

Suggested reading:

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About NWO Investing

No, I do not advocate investing in your own demise! NWO Investing is meant to be tongue in cheek warning that society is not progressing well. If you have no moral values then you can take it as strategies for longer term investing.

The hard truth is that the markets are NOT following sound logic. Moves are more often based on tweet and minor news cycle items than underlying fundamentals. That means that trying to trade markets in a way that would be logical to long term investing is only losing money. Trying to make sound long term investments in a market that is artificially propped up by government foolishness is a way to lose money because governments don't look at fundamentals.

Governments are desperate for control of populations. They use fear mongering through propaganda to achieve that end. When the reality of that breaks down, then governments use jackboots to maintain order.

My fear is that the warnings of government overreach, jackboots in the streets, and stifling freedom of speech are being ignored. Instead, propaganda scares people into thinking that the terrorists are coming to their houses to kill their children.

The real truth is:

Most people just want to work (for a fair wage), feed their families, provide a future for their children, and have a safe place to live their lives in peace.

Religion and government seem to get in the way of that.

Sure, there are some individual assholes that cause problems for the rest of us, but we shouldn't be so afraid of the assholes that we let other assholes take over our personal freedoms. We should never WILLINGLY yield our future to those that would destroy it.

Moral Investing:

I would advocate investing in a way to protect wealth and maintain one's moral dignity. For wealth maintenance in a failing economy, I would suggest gold and other precious metals. Platinum-gold spreads have made platinum a great buy. Silver is also a good buy, even though that market is highly manipulated. I suggest PHYSICAL metals because without possession of the actual metal, there is no REAL ownership. Thus only physical possession is a hedge against collapse.

I also suggest investing in technology that will improve society, however without government support (carbon taxes, green energy initiatives, etc) these companies won't make the same yields as government cronies. I like companies like Red Flow (Australia) that are supplying liquid batteries to market (allowing for remote use of greener technologies). I also like rare earths, and innovation will drive demand for input materials to markets such as battery technology.

My fondest hope is that Thorium reactors (LIFTER) become available on the market soon. These reactors can utilize breeder reactor waste to generate power. They are safer than ANY of the previous reactors. They are more compact than other reactors which will be necessary for use in space. They utilize thorium, a common element that is currently discarded in rare earth production, so they will be cheap to run, driving power prices lower. With low cost power, desalination allows for greater land use and wider food production.

I also like space mining as an investment, but it is not a good "money maker" yet compared to investing in fossil fuels or war. The planet has a limited amount of resources, so there will always be a limit to availability. For EVERY person on the planet to enjoy wealth, the world requires more resources (metals, power, clean air and water, etc). Space can provide unlimited amounts of base materials so that everyone can enjoy wealth that would otherwise be limited on the planet.

Your money is your ultimate power. Don't spend it on companies that do bad things. Don't give it to businesses that treat you badly. Don't leave it with those that would use it against you.




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