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Profit From Paranoia: Fallout Shelter Memberships

After a rough day in markets, you might be looking for a change. Maybe you are just looking for new ideas to forget your losses. Here is a business idea I came up with that you can have, for FREE!

Fallout Shelter Memberships




     The USA and EU media and government like to hype up the fears of the population. In the USA, there is also crumbling infrastructure. Is a combination that a savvy developer can profit from, and so can you.

     Imagine if you will, abandoned bomb shelters being renovated and rented out (membership charges) providing a steady stream of income. This would be paid by people who are just paranoid enough to want to pay for a safe space but not rich enough to afford their own. Gyms take money from people that cannot afford a home gym, just as many cannot afford a home fallout shelter. Many people never use their gym's services and at a similar price people would pay for a membership in a nearby bomb shelter that they will probably never use.

   The bomb shelters from the 1950s and 1960 were hidden under government buildings like Libraries, Court Houses and even the Brooklyn Bridge. As teenagers steel the signs (now available on Ebay and Etsy) and governments fail to upgrade infrastructure, the location of many of these structures have been lost. Even the one in the Brooklyn Bridge was only rediscovered 50 years later. So a trip to the local planning office might not reveal all available properties, but it will certainly have plans for long forgotten locations.

     Many of the privately build shelters are now hard to find. In some cases, they are hidden away behind basement storage. Building owners are less likely to know of their existence than a maintenance person that has been on the job for 20 years. It is also likely that the maintenance guy is using that shelter as his own private club house. So to find such a location, you will likely have to bribe him and cut a deal to sweeten his retirement plan.

     In some cases, you may be able to buy an old fallout shelter outright, or rent it from a building owner. Many times, those owners won't be making any money on that space, and will rent it cheap. So margins will be great!

     In the event of a massive nuclear attack between major powers (USA, Russia and China), the world will likely be destroyed. However, in the event that North Korea actually launches against the USA, then the fallout will probably only last for a couple of weeks.

   Similarly, a terrorist attack with biologic and chemicals weapons will have a dispersal rate. This means that such an attack will be limited in time and scope. So most people will only have to hide for a limited amount of time. That is the greatest selling point for a fallout shelter rental.

   So, as a developer, you only need to build a safe space to last two weeks.



Plan for customers being locked into the secure space for approximately two weeks. This means that power, air, water and food must last at least that long.



Give it a massive clean, because it probably has black mound and rising damp. Then patch any holes that might make customers think that the walls are not secure. Give the whole place a nice water proof coating, too. Then slap on some slumlord-white paint. Put in low power lighting, and add in a backup power system. Make sure that the plumbing (toilets are essential) will work in the event of a loss of power.


Upgrade the Systems

Put in backup batter storage or a generator depending on the size of the space. The electricity backup will need to run the lighting, water purification and air filtration. It should also be able to handle security systems, which should be robust enough to make people feel secure. Information systems like an internet hard wired computer, wide band / ham radio, and television will tell people about the extent of the damage as well as when it is safe to leave the bunker. It may be necessary to guard equipment against electromagnetic pulses, so plan to install metal shielding around equipment.

Put in water storage tanks, because clean water is easily available before catastrophe, but not after. Ensure that low flow showers and toilets don't waste the supply. Two weeks is a long time to spend in a confined space with other people if there is high fear levels and no shower. Splurge on a shower, if only in a decontamination entry room.


Barrier to Entry

As a capitalist venture, people must feel like they are paying for privilege. They must also believe that in an emergency, they will not be able to gain access without paying for that privilege. Having a security gate entry that requires a membership is the best way to provide that feeling of value-for-money. This entry way should be in front of the blast door, so that non-members cannot access your main entry. This could lead to a clean-room or decontamination-room so that people feel like they can one day venture outside to check if it is safe.



This is a service industry, where the service provided is easing paranoia. To that end, customers should be given the option to attend a monthly training session. This could be an explanation of systems and structures of the facility. It could be prepping experts training customers on how to use their hazmat suits. They could also receive training and information on how long their expected stay would last and you could sell them a deluxe-package, too.

Provide each of the customers with a locker (one per person, not per family, of course) that is stocked with equipment. This should be a hazmat suit, food rations, water, hand radio, and other prep items. As part of your contract, make sure that the customers realize that they will be charged for any open equipment or materials. That way, if they ever cancel, you can sell-on their unused equipment or get full replacement value. Leave some space in the lockers for their own personal items, too. If they can store personal effect then they will be emotionally invested in the space.

Make sure that when selling your customers that you push that fear button of their children. This is best done by providing child size gas masks and hazmat suits. Nothing scares a parent more than seeing custom child size emergency equipment as they realize that safety equipment is normally not designed to suit children. You can even charge a premium for special ordering such equipment, which can be a recurring charge as the children grow out of the size available.


Premium Services

If you want to charge a premium, you could install cots. Without beds, everyone will be sleeping on the floor so you should provide a yoga mat to basic customers. When customers find out they will be trapped for at least 2 weeks, it is likely that a family group or a couple will want to upgrade to a bed or semi-private space.


Expanding Operations

Just as gyms profit from recurring membership and operating costs, so too does bunker membership. As the profits come in from memberships, it will provide liquidity to renovate the next bunker and then the next. Just as home renovation and rental is lucrative as a business model, so too is bunker rental.

Since many bunkers are in government buildings, local governing bodies will likely sell the rights to such bunkers in exchange for memberships. Of course, these memberships would still be paid, only it would come out of the public pockets, so politicians would be happy to throw the money at you.

The government officials that are hyping the fear of the general population cannot deny a privately funded operation offering to renovate failing public infrastructure at no public cost. Such a decision to reject free funding and deny the fear would be political suicide in many districts.

So as an early investor, rest assured that the business will grow and profits will flow. Governments will be jumping on board.

If such structures are ever needed, then this business will be saving lives. If they are not needed, then even better!



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