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Day after Fed, world market follows even if US market trade a tight range.


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Coming Collapse

Ben Bernanke is no longer a member of the FOMC, bu…

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Market Failure Now

Will the market collapse now? Or Now?... How about…

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Thorium - Rare Earth and Energy

I am not an expert on rare earth mining, but I am…

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Gold and Risk in 2016

Use physical gold to secure wealth. Use futures op…

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Banking Sector Failure

Banking Sector Failure

Have you lost your faith in the banking sector yet…

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Rare Earth

Rare Earth

Rare earth share prices are very far off of their…

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Trade War Escalation

Trade War

The trade war phase of the destruction o…

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Dancing with the Fed

Dancing with the Fed

Nobody wants to hear that a Reserve bank has surpr…

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OGZPY Update 2015-12-05

OGZPY Update 2015-12-05

The IMF may have just forgiven Ukraine‚Äôs debt to G…

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