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Spike indicates direction (confirmation) of move. If it has legs, it will follow the spike. If the spike retraces, it is (probably) a short cover rally in opposite direction.

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Information on how to make your own trading decisions.

Collapsing Market

Collapsing Market

Trading stratagy for a saturated market and how to…

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Where is the volitility?

Where is the volatility?

June 1, 2014

As the US Fe…

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High frequency trading fuck job or sever failure?…

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Avoiding Getting Caught by Insider Trading

Avoiding Getting Caught by Insider Trading

Insider trading as seen on the lean hogs future ch…

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Mean Reversion

Mean Reversion

Mean Reversion Trading

This week's markets have be…

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Mean Reversion Brief

Mean Reversion Trading Link

Joomla (this website…

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Post FOMC Statement

Post FOMC Statement

FOMC Statement Release Trading

This is the beginni…

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US Bond Auction Reference

US Bond Auction Reference

Below are reference charts for the US bond auction…

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Round Number Syndrome

Round Number Syndrome

Round Number Syndrome (Nov 22, 2013)

With the thre…

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