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Amazon Currency

Amazon & Ethereum


Amazon is buying a currency! They will be able to just print money!

Amazon is NOT starting their own crypto currency exchange (as rumors suggest). They are smart enough to realize that this would be a liability considering that they have a presence in every state. That means that they would be subjected to securities and exchange regulations, and they don't want that.

It is more likely that Amazon will BUY Ethereum. Amazon is big enough to be able to buy the Ethereum business outright. Ethereum, unlike like Bitcoin, has a central management. They have a corporate body that oversees the printing of money (issuing of ether), and they may want to sell out to Amazon.

Amazon would then have their own currency. So why would they want to be a stock market when they could just become the Fed reserve?

So expect that Ether will be renamed to some derivative of Amazon. Sell accordingly, because you know they are going to print money (devalue existing).

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