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Magnetic Drive and Earth’s Core

Magnetic Drive and Earth’s Core

                Electrons on a wire create a magnetic field. The essence is that every electron in motion creates an electromagnetic wave that is measurable in magnetic fields. The math actually holds true if that electric charge is negative and traveling in the opposite direction. In essence, this would be a proton (positive charge) taking the inverse path.

                So, if positive ions can create a magnetic field through motion, then it stands to reason that isolating the nucleus of an item (removing the electrons) would create a positive particle. If you had a sufficient quantity of these particles (as a disk, for example) then spinning that quantity (rotating the disk quickly) would have the same appearance as moving electrons through a wire, albeit at a much slower speed.

                To isolate these nuclei, a spectral analysis method could be used. The whole process would function best in a vacuum chamber, and presupposes that an inert container could be used to store the end results (for now, glass is assumed but has not yet been tested). The process entails removing the electrons by creating plasma. That plasma is then accelerated to a constant velocity before being placed into an electric field that causes the particle path to bend. Different weights and charges of the particles will bend in greater arches. This method could also be used for isolating unusual isotopes of a material, or refining nuclear material. As the process is refined, there may be an isotope that has a high proton nucleus that could be bound together with a single electron creating a more stable material. For now, however that will require more research and calculations than the scope of this paper.

                For initial research, it is recommended to use lead. Lead has a low melting point (and vapor point) over many metals. It is inexpensive and widely available. It also has a very large nucleus.

                To process the material:

  1. The entire system should be set up in a vacuum.
  2. Plasma created. Induction heating could raise the necessary temperatures. Lasers may be required to bring the high tempters necessary to completely disassociate the electrons from the nucleus.
  3. A dual plate system (x-plane, stable electric field) is used to attract the nucleus to the accelerator and repulse the elections. These plates would only need to maintain a potential field.
  4. Pulse coil acceleration (y-plane) is used to pull the nuclei along and create a small velocity (this is not a particle collider). This velocity, if stable, makes it possible to accurately predict the path curvature of the positive particles.
  5. The particles enter another dual plate system (y-plane, stable electric field) and curve in the linear field based on their charge vs. their mass. In theory, the most useful particles are the lowest weight with the highest charge.
  6. The particles are captured into a vessel (glass ampule – more tests needed). The neck of the vessel is melted closed once the particles have collected, sealing them against being taken out of the vacuum.

                Once these particles are isolated, they can be tested.


                It is the author’s belief that if a sufficient amount of positively charged material was isolated it could be used for propulsion. This material, when spinning would create a magnetic field. In space, where wind resistance is not an issue, once the material was spinning it would continue to generate a field which could be used against/with existing magnetic fields in space to create thrust with minimal amount of energy required.

                It is also the author’s belief that molten planetary cores have a large volume of charged particles moving as a liquid. It is this motion and charge that creates many planetary magnetic fields, not just the movement of faro-magnetic material.

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