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Proposed Change to The Speed Of Light

Proposed Change to The Speed Of Light   c => C

The speed of light is symbolized by the letter “c”. It is currently defined as:

      c = 299792458 meters / second   = 2.99792458 x 10^8 m/s

      The truth is this is an arbitrary measurement in which humans have attempted to relate the time it takes light to cross a meter of space in seconds. The relationship of time to space is important and thus, the Speed of Light is an important quantity. This number is considered arbitrary in the relationship of a meter, a human construct, to a second, also a human construct. I would have preferred an enlightened physicist to have said, “Lets define OUR reality around the Speed of Light” rather than attempting to measure the speed of light with imprecise human quantities.

      I propose that we define the speed of light ( "c") as:

      c = 300000000 meters / second = 3 x 10^8 m/s

      The reader will notice that this differs from the original measurement by only 207542 meters / second. This simply means that either the meter is considered 0.000692285 shorter in this system, or the second is the same amount longer. The fact that until the creation of atomic clocks, this discrepancy would have been difficult or impossible to measure. The other problem is that the meter is a length scratched into a platinum bar. The discrepancy accounts for less than the size of the scratch in the bar ( 0.7 millimeters, or less than the thickness of a fingernail or about the thickness of a human hair - depending on the hair care products used). On a large scale, this discrepancy would need to be taken into account and equations adjusted (which is why most physicists are groaning that a change in measurement would destroy most modern theory’s utility). Of course, most people edit down their numbers unless precision is required. Many computer programs will round numbers to speed mathematical functions and require special programing (in many cases) to ensure that numbers are not constricted. In these cases, only arduous mathematic procedure can ensure the numbers are pure.

      The minuscule variation in measurement will not change any facet of day to day reality, nor will it affect something like the construction of a house. Satellites and precision systems would require recalibration.

      I would continue to generally utile the letter “c”, just to avoid any confusion. However, it would be best to use “C” (capital c) so that it can be quickly differentiated from the earlier version.

      It is my opinion that decimal time would also be a useful universal system as opposed to the 10 x 60 x 60 x 24 x 7 x 52 etc. Of course, humans are still dependent on the sun and vaguely lunar based calendar system and thus are unprepared (and unable mentally) to yet adjust to Giga-Seconds or Mega-Seconds as units of time designation to replace the current use of decade or week.

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