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Magnetic Field Reversal

            If we look at the gravitational pull on the core of the planet....

            It’s heavy, really bloody heavy! It’s also suspended in a liquid magma. That means that as the core wobbles around in the planet. In the places where the magma squirts by the core faster are going to be flatter / streamlined because the magma would be scraping away parts of the core as it goes. This makes the core somewhat oblong.

            Another problem is the sun, moon and many random space objects are pulling on the core. This causes wobbles in the core, so it spins in an orbital path that is not exactly the same as the moon. There are also all of the mass of the crust and the water.

            But the core still spins.

            What happens when the planet slows down over time?

            The core would slow down, too. Makes sense, right?


            What do you know about electricity?
            If a current is put on a wire (like touching a wire to a 9 volt battery), the electrons crossing that wire make a magnetic field. If that wire is in a coil, the magnetic fields line up and create a North and South. This field can be determined by the “right hand rule”. This field is how electromagnets work, like the one that took my last car from the junkyard and dropped it in the crusher.

            This magnetic field is really a group of electrons moving. If those electrons were moving in space (think lightning) a magnetic field is formed relative to the charge (based on the amount of electrons -> 1 electron = -1 electrical charge) and motion.

            Protons are the charge opposite of electrons. One proton = +1 charge. So, if a proton is moving, it’s going to create a magnetic field in the opposite direction that an electron moving would create.


            What does that have to do with the core?

            In a molten core (high temperature, mind you) electrons are ripped off their molecules. Imagine a big ball of molten metal, like the core. In that ball, many of the molecules have had their outer electrons ripped off. The actual process is the introduction of energy into the molecule causing the electron to escape. Not all of the core is missing electrons, but it’s a big core, so even a small percentage becomes important.

            That means that at the center of the planet, we have a huge spinning POSITIVLY CHARGED MASS! As that mass spins, it creates a magnetic field. We can measure this field as earth’s magnetic field. The core doesn’t spin the same as the planet, so true North and magnetic North are actually off by around 5 degrees.
            There are a few scientists who wonder why that 5 degrees difference exists. Let me answer that: It has a float as the spin of the core is altered by the lunar/solar pull on the core.

            One of the mysteries of Geophysics is why the earth’s magnetic field flips every 40 thousand years or so.

            I believe: The magnetic field of the earth flips as the core changes direction of spin.

            That means that as the planet’s surface slows down, coming to a near stop relative to the core, the field disappears briefly. Then, the relative rotation goes in the opposite direction for a while, causing the field to go in the opposite direction for a while as well.

            If I was a geophysicist, I could use plots of when the magnetic field switched direction (in rock records) to tell how often the planet relative motions changes direction. This might also account for those times when planetary upheaval were in effect as more cosmic crap gets through when the magnetic field is stalled.

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