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UFO Postulates

The Space Man’s Ship (UFO postulates)

      Using a large charged mass (something akin in appearance to stainless steel) and rotating it, you might be able to create a localized time space warp. If you can get the ship’s ring to spin near the speed of light, space-time would warp in the vicinity of the vehicle.

      Of course, you would not want to spin at the speed of light, so you’d have to float a bubble on the disk. I would recommend a super conductor, or a sphere. You could use a gyroscopes to keep the sphere level and floating gently.


      If the flying saucer idea is a flop, you could use a large donut looking shape in space (no air resistance). This could be started with a belt drive and floated on super conductors (no friction loss). It could easily be controlled with modern microprocessors and transistors to get it up to incredible speeds. Of course you’d have to take into account the fringing and wave effects of the motor's electromagnetic field as it approaches the speed of light, but that’s trivial next to the power requirements.

      As the ring approaches cruising speed, you would have to give the ship the light speed acceleration. I recommend a circular electron beam. This would give a little force without adding mass to get it over the cusp. As the donut reaches near light velocity, time space will fold around it from the stationary observer perspective. Then you could cast it off into space and just jump through the hoop whenever you wanted.

      The bonus of the rotating object is that opposing molecules will look to each other as traveling twice as fast.

      The drawback is that as material approaches the speed of light, it will not be able to hold its form and will tend to warp. Thankfully, the electron particle beam could give a force and pressure inward to avoid a big nasty explosion.

      The benefits of a free floating disk warping it’s immediate time space is that you basically have a standing worm hole for easy use.... just don’t touch the sides.

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