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Learn when to pull a trade (when the indicators turn against you) and when to be bold.

Reserve Banks Explained

This cartoon, "American Dream" explains banking. T…

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USA Politics Explained

USA Politics Explained

USA Politics Explained using the Simpsons


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George Carlin Explains Money

George Carlin explains how money, education and po…

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Private Prisons

Private Prisons


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How Banking Works

The 2009 film, "The International" explains how ba…

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Police Funding Model

Police Funding Model


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Debt Crisis Solution

This video explains how currency and debt is creat…

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1% Tax

1% Tax


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Republican Shutdown Admission

Republican Senator John Boehner (Boner) has admitt…

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Legalize Prostitution

Legalize Prostitution


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Religion, metaphysics, psycology and other sudo-sciences.

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