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2018-02-19 Week

Bitcoin - What is next for markets? (Bleak) - Au B…

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USDEUR in XBT - Spread Premium

USDEUR in XBT - Spread Premium

FX traders take note: Crypto markets are spread fr…

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2018-02-12 Week

Millennials will be spanked - Bonds - Gold Shares…

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2017-12-11 Week

Central Bank Hooey. Bitcoin Futures. Yield Curve i…

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2018-02-05 Week


Market Selloff to Continue? Yes. Crypto Buy…

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2017-12-04 Week

2017-12-04 Week

NFP. Bitcoin and Trading Exponential Moves. See: E…

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2018-01-29 Week

ASX/ES spread. Why I trade Bitcoin. Corzine Fund.…

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2017-11-27 Week

Thanksgiving Carnage. Bonds. See: EVENTS

This Week…

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2018-01-22 Week

Gold - Crypto is Modern Bearer Bonds - China &…

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2017-11-20 Week

Thanksgiving. Bitcoin. Sugar. See: EVENTS

This Wee…

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2018-01-15 Week

Kraken outage. Bonds and Collapsing Markets.


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2017-11-13 Week

Asia Scalp. Bitcoin - Segwit2x &CME. Sugar. Se…

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2018-01-08 Week

2018 Predictions - Bonds -Stocks - Food - Real Est…

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NFP, Bonds. RBA. Bitcoin. CME. See: EVENTS

This We…

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2018-01-01 Week

New Year. NFP. Bitcoin or Gold?


This Week


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Changing Market & Central Banks.  See: EV…

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2017-12-25 Week

NYE. Bitcoin selloff. See: EVENTS

This Week

It is…

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Apple & ES. Bitcoin. Sugar.  See: EVENTS…

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2017-12-18 Week

2017-12-18 Week

Bitcoin Futures & Wale Exit. Exit Sugar Puts.…

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As goes Apple, so goes the S&P. So short ES.


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