Trader Note

If you think markets are going to go down, don't be short bonds at open (just puke).

Before an ECB speech, with no data, S&P moves…

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End of year GDP will push S&P higher.

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(ES) Day after down market: Bond open will push pr…

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Greece news: DAX leads S&P lower after support breach.

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Complacency in markets leads to loss.

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USA Holiday: good time to take a wide chop in EU t…

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DAX doesn't like to be over 10K.

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Post Fed: markets will move in thin volume in EU session.

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Trading distracted is not good. It destroys patience.

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If you sold at the top, somebody just bought and now wants to puke.

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When you think markets are going to drop, so does everyone else.

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It is challenging to stay awake for a slow range b…

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Be careful of impatience for an exit around dinner…

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Conservative trading saves money.

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Changing markets: Ask why?

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BOE doesn't move markets as much as earnings (light news week).

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When the Euronex fails to function properly, all m…

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(Post USA long weekend) Open spike lower in Asia w…

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When USA markets move 3% lower on Friday, expect h…

Read more: Asia Open after Friday Low

Fear in market: Bet against it.

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