Trader Note

Figure out what works to minimize down days.

Before an ECB speech, with no data, S&P moves only 1 point (4 ticks) max.

End of year GDP will push S&P higher.

(ES) Day after down market: Bond open will push price lower, briefly. Take the exit and find a good short re-entry after the equity market open.

If S&P at open moves lower, then surges higher, look to value in bonds to capitalize (over being uncomfortable with S&P at these levels).

(Ukraine War) S&P looking to DAX for next move higher.

S&P E-Mini: Once the DAX breaks out, take the hit on the S&P and get back in at a better price. Don't move the stop.


(S&P) If confused by direction, look to bonds.

S&P E-Mini: Use multiple contract months for spread on entry and exit using round numbers (Example: ESM4,ESU4,ESZ4).

When markets are fast, S&P will be slow to react to Bond moves, but it WILL react.


If S&P pushing lower before open, kick and wobble at open is last chance to escape.

If S&P pushing lower before open, expect it to go lower, pop near open and then dip even lower. (chop fast, don't ride it).

If S&P moves hard and bonds don't, scalp knowing that S&P will move back.

T-note will disconnect from S&P on triple witching.

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