Trader Note

BOE doesn't move markets as much as earnings (light news week).

Greece news: DAX leads S&P lower after support breach.

Complacency in markets leads to loss.

USA Holiday: good time to take a wide chop in EU trade (Thin markets move long, but WILL reverse).

DAX doesn't like to be over 10K.

Post Fed: markets will move in thin volume in EU session.

When a bank in EU dies, expect a selloff in futures (S&P - DAX).

If S&P higher and tracking lower, bonds move stalls, and DAX testing support of a level, then be patient for the level to break bringing everything with it.


Sanctions EU to Russia do not stop the DAX moving higher.

DAX closes higher on a Friday when S&P pushes hard. Look for Monday reversal.

Dax pops up at options expiration.

EU open: Bund dropping, AU will follow for 1 tick before Bund reversal pulls Tnote and AU up hard. Trade the long side.

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