Trader Note

Day after Fed, USA markets will make their move (often lower).

Trading distracted is not good. It destroys patience.

If you sold at the top, somebody just bought and now wants to puke.

When you think markets are going to drop, so does everyone else.

It is challenging to stay awake for a slow range bound market… but lucrative.

Be careful of impatience for an exit around dinner. It will cost ticks.

Conservative trading saves money.

Wait 20 min after opening software before trading to avoid a bad trade.

Let the winners run longer, but get lucky on the losers.

Without shorts, markets are more stable.

When markets are fast, they move against you farther. You have to have the courage not to puke.

When you puke, guarantee that the price will revert.

Don't trade if you cannot concentrate on it.

Sometimes, it feels like every trade is a bad one. Sometimes, I make those trades.

When starting badly, at best you get one trade to recover. After that, all is lost.

When markets are fast, your adrenaline is high, so let your winning trades run. They can make up for you losers.


Look at the market and say which way it is going, "Up or down?" Then figure out why or why not.

A good spirit boost is to exit an options position in profit.

Sometimes, when things are slow, take the small chop and quit.

If you are only right 50%, then don't trade the day after a day where you are totally right.


After memorial day with sun, markets are in a good mood (buying pressure).


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