Trader Note

USA Holiday: High probability of flash crash (thin market). (USE STOPS)

Before an ECB speech, with no data, S&P moves only 1 point (4 ticks) max.

End of year GDP will push S&P higher.

(ES) Day after down market: Bond open will push price lower, briefly. Take the exit and find a good short re-entry after the equity market open.

Greece news: DAX leads S&P lower after support breach.

Complacency in markets leads to loss.

USA Holiday: good time to take a wide chop in EU trade (Thin markets move long, but WILL reverse).

DAX doesn't like to be over 10K.

Post Fed: markets will move in thin volume in EU session.

Changing markets: Ask why?

BOE doesn't move markets as much as earnings (light news week).

When the Euronex fails to function properly, all markets get scared (dip).


(Post USA long weekend) Open spike lower in Asia will slightly revert, and move lower in EU, with reversion.

When USA markets move 3% lower on Friday, expect hesitation of continuation in Asia trade.

Fear in market: Bet against it.

(Post USA long weekend) Fear sell off in Asia is short lived.

Sydney terrorist threat near the ASX doesn't move markets hard.

Rolls: Markets will be range bound with occasional short lived spikes. Spread stops wide.

Christmas rally happens in lower volumes.

Post-Christmas Monday: Slow trade in Asia to EU when move starts and continues lower (Rally Reversion).

Even if computers drop in big orders for painting ladders, markets will still move against them… given enough time.


Dax Futures trade notes.

S&P Emini futures trade notes.

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