Trader Note

Don't get cocky.

If you make 25% in 2 hours, stop. Don’t try a reversion.

Monday Open: Early trade in Asia will drop after a high on Friday. Easy short.

When trading well, and on a run, take money out of your account.

Trading short moves would be more lucrative to let run.

World leader speeches can be positive for equities, neutral for bonds.

Don't trade against your market analysis for a short chop when in volume.

"New high" really means "Short opportunity."

USA Holiday: High probability of flash crash (thin market). (USE STOPS)

Multiple violations of risk protocols is fatal.

When your account doubles in two weeks, take some cash out.

If you are going to stay in markets long and heavy, best to take bigger profits.

A pope talking to the EU does not move markets.

Frozen Software: Don't try to place orders.

When markets are moving, don't try to increase size to escape. Cut and reverse.

Collapse ends with financial TV watching the ticker-tape.

Know your contract daily limits.

Trade to where it is easy to EXIT markets.

Don't play in a rigged game. (Software closed stop far below market value! Fuck job.)

Don't play the long side in a scared market.


Trading closed for a holiday, then market takes a long time to lose money.

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