Trader Note

30 min before jobless on slow week, look for hedge sell-off in high market.

Bonds are slower to move than the S&P. They'll also move against you more before coming good.

Bonds will move on a slow market day faster than equities. But not logically.

Before an ECB speech, with no data, any move bonds made will revert before the speech (mostly).

Collapsing markets: data might move bonds lower, but it is only a good entry.

No data, hot war & interest rates held low: Sell markets, buy bonds. Nothing will hold back the move don't get caught behind, even scalping won't make profits.

Bonds sell off to any ECB news that is a high beat on estimates.

(Non-Farm) ZN moved FULL point. Then slowly retraced. Amazing.

Tired? Don't trade bonds after midnight (30 min after NY open).

Bonds pushing higher in pre-market will probably hold in market when EU talking QE.


Don't trade bonds after midnight in a slow market. EVER.

The day before a bond auction, bonds will sell off.

If you think markets are going to go down, don't be short bonds at open (just puke).

Probably better to sell bonds in most circumstances.

When markets are testing new highs, bonds will go up in anticipation of the drop, not a correlated trade.

When volatility is low, bonds sell off.

Sell bonds. It makes more sense than going long. Always.


(Slow Market) Should scalp Bonds more to improve position.

During low volatility, bonds will move more than S&P 500.

If S&P pushing lower near open, and short bonds then dump bonds. Just take the hit.

Au 10 year bond: RBA release retraces, mostly. Be patient. Don't over position.


Us 10 year Treasury Note futures trade notes.

Aussie 10 year Bond futures trade notes.

German Bund futures trade notes.

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