Trader Note

Get the brain to realize advantages (over HFTs).

NYE: Gold shorts need to close positions before year end. Big spike up Dec 30, 5 min before USA Equities floor trading.

NYE: Gold shorts will go long before equity open to minimize market moves against them.

Gold will always get pounded before a Fed release.


Scares in Oil (War)-> Market will dance. Take wide chops.


If sugar gives a quick 10 ticks, take it!

Sugar likes to move in spikes.

If sugar pushes lower, wait 30 seconds for a better exit.

When sugar gaps lower on open, and doesn't retrace, expect a big move later in the day.

Sugar buying happens in spikes that don't last.

When action is big in bonds and stocks, don't expect much from food commodities.

Commodities near expiration move in bursts (high volume).

Higher stock markets will not affect commodities like Hogs.

For commodities: The pertinent ladder numbers are out of visual range, often.

Talking heads on commodities play charts but miss reality.

Commodities: When volumes are down, historic levels are critical over fib and implied levels.

When commodities consolidate for a week and then break lower, they will push hard. Don't be quick to get long.

When meat prices drop, grains are NOT correlated.


Set wider targets for Agri options profits.


Agriculture can be popping, even when overall markets barely move on volume.

Gold in a tight range is a sucker's play, waiting to break out.



Trader notes from trading oil.

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Trader notes from trading meat futures and options.

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