Trader Note

Correlation breaks down around open.

Thanksgiving: Scalp Eminis in EU trade. They will not move much.

Pre Fed Notes: Not much motion to markets, so scalp high-low.

Dance (scalp) a moving market, if you are lucky you can escape with a profit before a puke.

When you know markets are moving lower, don't try to scalp the long side.

Scalping can get you closer to even, but a good trade is better.

Very slow market: scalp at will. Okay to double down pre-open.

At new highs, after holiday, pre-market is very stable so scalps are easy.

Grabbing a few ticks in a slow market can be fatal.

Know when to stop scalping (and look for momentum moves).

Scalping direction: Be on the right side and scalp.

Look for value areas to scalp (levels).

Scalp in at or near levels.

Keep stops tight when scalping levels.

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