Trader Note

(Day after an election) ADP NFP up, bonds lower but briefly. Then right back up.

Cut Losses for Opportunities

It's better to get out of a losing trade and find…

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NFP, Bonds

(Non-Farm) ZN moved FULL point. Then slowly retraced. Amazing.

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Pullback and Runs

Markets General: Look for pullbacks before runs.

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1998 and Russia

When markets hear "1998 Russia": EU data doesn't matter. Short.

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2 Steps Ahead

Think 2 steps ahead (at least).

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3 Fibonacci Taps

2 Tap on a Fibonacci level is NOT 3! 3 taps goes t…

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30 Min

News Release: In the first 1/2 hour of a release,…

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30 sec

I have 30sec/tic to exit when the market is moving…

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5 hours max

Trade hard 5 hours max. Take a break to avoid performance drops.

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A Good Trade

Scalping can get you closer to even, but a good trade is better.

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ADP NFP, short week

Short week, ADP Non-farm in stable market doesn't…

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When markets are fast, your adrenaline is high, so…

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Get the brain to realize advantages (over HFTs).

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After Fed USA

Day after Fed, USA markets will make their move (often lower).

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After Fed World

Day after Fed, world market follows even if US mar…

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After Midnight

Tired? Don't trade bonds after midnight (30 min after NY open).

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Agri Options

Set wider targets for Agri options profits.


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Agri Volatility

Agriculture can be popping, even when overall mark…

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Airline vs Oil

OPEC pushing price lower will hit markets but boost airlines.

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Always Right

If you are only right 50%, then don't trade the da…

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Am I trading well?

Am I trading well? Yes->Big, No->Small

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If analysis is correct and trading is bad -> Be careful.

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Announcement: close position, pull orders. Then ri…

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Anticipating the Drop

When markets are testing new highs, bonds will go…

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Apple - EU

After Apple spike on S&P, plenty of 2 way pre-…

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Apple news

When apple releases after market, expect S&P m…

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Apple, S&P

Apple is no longer a big mover of the S&P500,…

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Asia Open

Monday Open: Early trade in Asia will drop after a…

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Asia Open after Friday Low

When USA markets move 3% lower on Friday, expect h…

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Asian Markets

Asian markets do NOT trade in lock step.

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Assumption Fail

NIFB Small Business Release: Markets collapse 2 mi…

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Attempt to square

Look for (others) "attempts to square" for opportunities.

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AU 10 yr and RBA

Au 10 year bond: RBA release retraces, mostly. Be…

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The day before a bond auction, bonds will sell off.

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Auto Numbers

Market goes up on / around when autos #s released…

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Bad News

Bad news cannot stop an enthusiastic market going…

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Bad News - ZN

(ZN)When markets trending, bad news pops will be short lived.


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Bad Start

When starting badly, at best you get one trade to…

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Bad Trades

Sometimes, it feels like every trade is a bad one.…

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Bank Wins

Bank your wins. Be prepared to run.

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Battle of Psychology

Trading is a constant battle to fight your own psychology.

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Be Agressive

Be first. Be aggressive.

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Be Biased

Have a bias.

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Be Consistent

Trade consistently. Use what works.

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Before a release

Use reason not gut to reverse a winning position s…

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Before NFP

Before NFP, there are plenty of chances to scalp i…

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Being Right

It is better to make money than "Be right".

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Better Prices

Things trade back, so get out and get back in at b…

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Have a bias. Scalp the bias side.

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Big Exit

Don't wait a long time for a big exit, just exit.

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